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Call for Reviewers


This letter is an invitation for you to participate in the peer review process of the papers submitted to the journal Proceedings in Manufacturing Systems. Each of the papers published is selected through a rigorous reviewing and screening process, with reviewers from industry and academia. The success of the journal is therefore dependent on the volunteer efforts of reviewers. Therefore, we are asking you to bring your contribution in deciding the scientific level and importance of the papers in their fields.

Two documents are attached. One is the Reviewer Response Form. The other is the Paper Review Form.

Start by reading through the Areas Of Technical Interest. Select up to four areas in which you are most interested and in which you feel you are qualified to review digests.

Then complete the Reviewer Response Form. Please provide us with updated contact information. Telephone and fax numbers are required and email addresses are very much appreciated. Then let us know if you are interested in reviewing digests. Even if you are not able to help out this year, you can ask to be kept in the reviewer database.

The next step is to let us know in which areas you would like to review papers. There is also an area for you to write in a field (topic) that is not in the listing.

Finally send us the completed form to the address

After evaluating the papers, you have to fill in a Paper Review Form  and submit it for each reviewed paper.

The authors have to be notified by acceptance/rejection of their paper considering the schedule. Therefore, please complete your evaluations taking as soon as you are ready with them.

Appreciating very much your contribution to the scientific level of the journal, we are looking forward to receiving your accept.

Minimal requirements for reviewers

        The reviewers should be persons who are experts in one (major) or more research fields. 

      They simply need enough specialist knowledge to evaluate the manuscript and provide constructive criticism to editors and authors.

       They are required to publish regularly and recently in the main field or fields.

       It is preferable the reviewer to have at least two articles published in journals visible on Web of Science.

       The reviewer should be versed in English language.

       A good reviewer can be at any stage of his career but it is most recommendable to have a PhD academic experience.


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