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Reviewing process



The authors receive after on-line registration the instruction for authors (instr.doc) and paper template that contains all necessary requirements about paper format, language, what the paper should contain and so on.


The reviewing process has on the basis the following aspects:

reviewers have to have preoccupations in the field of the paper;

- reviewers belong to an international committee

- there are two reviewers for each paper;

- the reviewers have to underline from case to case three degrees of improvement regarding the contents and even form of the papers:

1. slightly improve

2. change

3. considerably modify

-  papers have to be modified by authors according to the requirements, otherwise they are rejected.


The main aspects followed in the reviewing process and transmitted to the authors as requests are as follows:


Compatibility with the scientific main topics

 Scientific level

 Educational and training aspects

 The clear answers to the questions:

   - What is the problem?

   - What is done by other people?

   - What the author did?

   - What is new?

   - What is the author constribution?

 Organization of the paper:

   - problem statements,

   - application area,

   - research course,

   - methods used,

   - status,

   - results,

   - further research,

   - interest in cooperation,

   - acknowledgements,

   - references.


   - spelling,

   - style,

   - grammar.

 Figures have to be made in high quality, which is suitable for reproduction and print:

   - size of figures,

   - figure position in text,  

   - Size of text on figures.


 Print must be suitable for reproduction and print. Colors are not allowed.

 The paper has to be written in WINWORD format.

 The text font is Times New Roman fonts, line spacing - single.

 Margins: top, bottom, left and right 20 mm each.

 Two columns, column distance 7 mm.

 Paper title: 12 pt bold, capital letters.

 Author’s name(s): 10 pt bold, centered with number indicating afiliation.

□ Author's affiliation in footnote.

Abstract of 50-120 words: 10 pt, italic.

 5- 8 keywords: 10 pt, italic.

 Chapter titles: 10 pt bold, capital letters.

 Subtitles: 10 pt bold.

 Text: 10 pt.

 The paper is restricted to an even number of  A4 pages.

 The whole space of the  A4 pages has to be used, without leaving free space. Both columns on second page must finish exactly at the bottom of the page.

 References and referring has to be as the instruction indicate: number, type, actuality and age of references.

 Equation format has to follow the instructions.

 Table format has to follow the instructions.

 The papers has to use common technical terms and adequate to the field.

 The required changes are the reviewer's comments specified in the Paper review form.



· The first step is the preliminary analysis of the paper done by the Council Members


· The reviewer receives a paper review form and they have to fill in the form with the paper title and authors, the categories of contents to be improved and the level of improvement,


· The reviewer has to decide if the paper is recommended to be accepted with or without modifications. Also, the reviewer presents some personal comments about the paper.


· The reviewer gives the personal data, institution, date and signature at the end of the Paper Review Form.


· The aspect and form of the paper are analysed by the editors.


· The information from the two reviewers and editors are gathered and the first author receives a letter with the results of the paper review containing all aspects to be modified, improved, and added and also the notification of acceptance.


· All notified modifications are obligatory in order to publish the paper.




Electronic mail: orgcom@icmas.eu